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Pixie Dust

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Pixie Dust

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Gonca Alban

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What if you could make your wishes come true, but what you really want is to find true, lasting happiness, a meaning and purpose to life, what would your wish actually be? Mira sets out on a chain of journeys to discover the meaning of life and what makes her happy. This book combines heartfelt reality and questions and problems and struggles we all face with philosophical, spiritual guidance and meaning. Mira wakes up one morning to find she has a new friend, a wish-fulfilling angel, Pixie. Pixie can grant Mira any wish she likes, however at first Mira is not sure how to best use this gift. Through a bit of soul searching she realises that her most heart-felt wish, both as a child and as an adult, is to figure out what she should make of her life and how she should live it, so that she can be happy and fulfilled all the time. And so starts a string of journeys, made possible by Pixie. Mira gets to experience a multitude of different worlds and lives, during which she learns and understands what drives her, human beings and life, why people feel and act the way they do, and how they can find a sense of peace and joy, no matter what their outer circumstances. She is supported by Pixie through her numerous adventures and her quest takes her to unexpected places, some beautiful, some disturbing.The worlds vary from places of heavenly beauty, to those holding sterile and emotionless lives, from spiritual schools to ones that blast harsh reality. Mira discovers the Song of the Spirit, the Bhagavad Gita, which shines an illuminating light on the world, human nature, the meaning of life, death and suffering, on her soul, mind, and her very being.She experiences joy and sadness, confusion and understanding, support and disappointment. Her adventures never cease to surprise and entertain. And journey by journey, she understands more and realises that the answers to her questions are within herself and that she houses a heart that can shine through any darkness, if she lets it.
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Gonca Alban


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