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LEGO 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United

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LEGO 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United

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LEGO 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United


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Top Dawg 86

For 27 dager siden

Not for a novice!! Overall, it was rewarding. As a ManU fan, this one meant a lot!!

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For en måned siden

Football and LEGO…. YES please! An absolute amazing build. Growing up in the UK and being a Man U. fan there was no debate. Some very cool building techniques used to create an amazing stadium. I am a fan of the football stadiums and hope they do more in the future!

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For 7 måneder siden

I’m a huge soccer fan and the experience of building this lego set was amazing , I love it !

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For et år siden

The amount of detail in this set is outstanding. It is something that I highly recommend for the Man U fan in your life.

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For et år siden

Out of all the Lego sets I have built this was probably my favorite. Not because of the amount of detail put into the set or features but because of most importantly the entire time I was building it, I felt like Lego was taking me to a place I will never get to see in person. Only getting to see it in picture or on tv doesn't do it justice and Lego helps prove it with this set. There are many aspects of the stadium I just didn't know existed until getting to put this set together and getting to read about it in the booklet. Lego has done a great job of making you feel like you are in the crowd cheering on all of the greats from Manchester glory. Now there are also some downsides to this set. First thing is the amount of stickers you have to put on. You would think for this price point that they would make all the pieces printed pieces but instead there are close to 50 stickers. To me that kind of makes the set feel a bit cheap in that you are having to put stickers on it like it is a race car from the Speed Champions series as opposed to the higher quality modular buildings. The other disappointing part of the build was I thought you would get to build the grass field but to my surprise it comes pre made in about 6 pieces. Would have been more enjoyable to make the checkerboard pattern with individual pieces but maybe I am knit picking at this point. Overall this is a great build but do keep in mind it isn't perfect and their are some drawbacks when you pay this kind of money for a set.

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