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Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe (DVD-ROM) (PC)

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From award winning game developer ACES comes Flight Simulator X. The latest installment includes the usual genre leading realism that continues to awe real pilots and will serve as the graphical benchmark for games on Windows Vista. Additionally, Flight Simulator X delivers for the first time structured game play with more than 55 missions to choose from which will test the skills of players of all levels. Fly all those realistic missions to fit all experience levels, set all around the world, for example from the Deluxe Edition: Congo Relief Air Drop, Lost in the Triangle, Foul Weather Water Rescue and Uluru Medivac.


• Flight Simulator X is the culmination of nearly 25 years of the landmark “Flight Simulator” franchise and the most significant addition to date and again raises the bar for technological innovation, incredible graphics and realism for the genre.
• Flight Simulator X is designed to take advantage of Windows Vista, the latest Windows gaming hardware technology and 3D graphics programming techniques, by immersing players in a realistic, dynamic and living world and offering a wide array of aircraft – from the Havilland Beaver and Grumman Goose to the Cessna 172. Windows Vista will make it easier and faster than ever before to get into the game while delivering new levels of detail with stunning graphics capabilities.
• Flight Simulator X introduces new missions for more structured gameplay and also provides players the opportunity to jump online and fly together.
• Flight Simulator X offers increased online gameplay capabilities and offers players a world where they can choose who they want to be and interact with other in real time. Flight Simulator X is designed for players of all ages, types and skill levels. It will enable players to travel the globe, visit exciting locations, watch the dynamic and realistic world around them and fly planes they have never even seen before.
• Flight Simulator X introduces fun and exciting missions that players can tackle through its distinct online gameplay. Through these adventures, players can build their skill levels and take on even more exciting challenges.

Benefit Details

• NEW Aircraft: Airbus A321, DG-808 sailplane
• NEW Missions: 40% located in Europe, including France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland and the Nordic countries.
• Enhanced Scenery:
o NEW hi-res data (MapPoint quality) for Europe
o 7 NEW high-detail European airports:
Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Rome, Frankfurt, Madrid
o 15 NEW high-detail cities
o Enhanced regional variety and accuracy
o Terrain, vegetation, buildings, automobiles etc.


The Most Realistic Flight Experience, Inside And Out Inside
• Cockpits and controls are modeled after the real world planes, from the window views, right down to every switch, dial, light and gauge.
• Environment changes according to time of day, weather, and seasonal changes
• Cities & towns with moving cars and detailed buildings
• Rural life with livestock in herds
• Wildlife in their natural habitats
• Real, existing airports come to life around you – think SFO with moving gates, carts with luggage, fuel trucks, the tower and more.
Dynamic Living World
• See the airport come to life around you with moving gates, carts with luggage and fuel, and hi-res airports
• Watch daily life in cities and towns take place below you with moving cars and detailed buildings
• Experience rural life with livestock in herds and wildlife in their natural habitats
• Experience the day change from afternoon sun to evening dusk while flying at 32,000 feet
• Fly from your local airport during the winter and then experience the change as you fly from the same airport in summer
Structured Experience
• Choose from missions that will challenge you with fun assignments from around the globe
• Fight a forest fire in the Rocky Mountains or bring relief material to the Congo, you choose the global destination
• Keep track of how you’ve done on each mission and improve your skill levels until your ready for the next challenge
• Take on missions with your friends at the same time
Shared Sies
• Decide on a flight plan and planes with your friends or fellow flyers from anywhere in the world
• You can choose to do what you want: should you be an air-traffic controller, pilot, or co-pilot?
• Talk with your fellow flyers via headset or keyboard chat…either way, it’s real-time
• Learn tips and tricks from other flyers while flying together

Key Differences: Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition vs. Standard Edition

Deluxe Edition
• 22 airplanes • 21 detailed airports • 38 detailed cities • 65 structured missions • Glass panel (G1000) cockpit • Tower controller

Standard Edition
• 17 airplanes • 16 detailed airports • 28 detailed cities • 40 structured missions

More Information
For more information look on http://www.microsoft.com/games/pc/flightsimulatorx.aspx
Kategori: Simulator  Utvidelsespakke: Nei  
Utgivelsesdato: 2009-09-09  Forventet leveringstid: Midlertidig utsolgt 
Product number: 3000620495  Leverandør:  
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MS Windows Flight Simulator X fungerer aldeles utmerket. Spilles på en Acer Aspire 5750G med 4 GB Memory.

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spille funket ikke... dataen klikket og måtte sende den på repperasjon... på den ene dataen.. og den andre dataen jeg prøvde på funket heller ikke..iconet ville ikke legge seg på skrivebordet.. og når jeg først fikk instalert det så kunne jeg ikke avslutte det for da kuttet spille sånn at jeg måtte slette det og legge det inn på nytt for å så spille det igjen...

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