Youngblood (Album)

Audrey Horne

Youngblood (Album)
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-With their first three albums – praised by fans and critics alike – AUDREY HORNE positioned themselves in the premier league of Rock! Furthermore, the band has shown that honest and hand-made music is still more than popular. The fourth album "Youngblood" follows this tradition and presents the Norwegian Hard Rock quartet full of fresh energy and a truthful love of playing. Songs like "Redemption Blues", "Straight Into Your Grave" or "There Goes a Lady" not only live up to the numerous AUDREY HORNE classics, but turn into irresistible tunes with catchy refrains right from the start and will stay with you for a long time. The great production provides the finishing touches and presents the listener with a warm sound that differs tremendously from the soulless plastic productions of this day and age. "Youngblood" is an excellent and sweeping Hard Rock album full of soul and without a doubt the highlight in the discography of AUDREY HORNE!


Bigger, better, AUDREY HORNE! First-class Hard Rock from Norway’s finest!

Limited First Edition Digipack + 3 Bonus Tracks (includes foldout poster booklet)

  • 1

    Redemption Blues

  • 2

    Straight Into Your Grave

  • 3


  • 4

    There Goes A Lady

  • 5

    Show and Tell

  • 6

    Cards with the Devil

  • 7

    Pretty Little Sunshine

  • 8

    The Open Sea

  • 9

    This Ends Here

  • 10

    The King is Dead

  • 11

    I Wanna Know You (Bonus Track)

  • 12

    This Ends Here - Demo (Bonus Track)

  • 13

    The Open Sea - Demo (Bonus Track)

Artist: Audrey Horne   Tittel: Youngblood 
Label: Napalm  Selskap: Border Music Norway AS 
Format: Album  Utgivelsesdato: 2013-01-25 
Forventet leveringstid: Bestillingsvare, 5-7 arbeidsdager  Katalognr: NPR468LTD  
EAN: 0819224010821    
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