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Prinny - Can I really be the hero? (PSP)


199 kr
Ord. pris 229 kr

Leveringstid:  2-5 arbeidsdager

Leveres av CDON.COM

Fraktklasse A

Someone's stolen Etna's sweets, and now she's taking out her anger on her favorite punching bag - Prinny!

It's up to you to calm Etna's fury by finding all the ingredients for the Ultra Dessert. But that's no easy task, since you'll have to travel all across the Netherworld, facing gluttonous ogres, greedy zombies, two-faced catgirls, bad-tempered witches, and more!


* Multiple modes -- standard and Hell mode -- add help when needed and hours worth of gameplay fun.
* Players will get 1000 lives to beat this heart-pumping platforming side-scroller.
* A wide variety of land and air vehicles that rigged with over to top weapons.
* Music collection mode to find music tracks during game and replay them as background music.
* Ridiculously comedic storyline and characters taken from the Disgaea franchise given a life of their own in an all new game series.



Kategori: Action  Utvidelsespakke: Nei  
Utgivelsesdato: 2009-06-29  Leveringstid: 2-5 arbeidsdager 
Product number: 3007045319  Leverandør:  


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