Guitar Hero World Tour Mac (game only) (Mac)

Guitar Hero World Tour Mac (game only) (Mac)
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Join together for ultimate Rock & Roll gaming with Guitar Hero® World Tour! Shred on state of the art wireless instruments, featuring a newly redesigned guitar controller with neck slider and an innovative new take on drums. Rock out solo, with a band, or kick it up with 4 vs. 4 player Battle of the Bands play. For those seeking to unleash their inner rockstar, create your own rocker! Choose from some of your favorite Guitar Hero® icons like Axel, Lars or Judy or even take the stage as some of the biggest rock stars around. Music fans get ready for 86 master tracks and no covers! If that's not musical delight to your ears, feast on a unlimited number of community-created content that you can download and play for free. Looking to harness your own musical creativity? Compose, record, edit and share your own music online. Guitar Hero® World Tour is the rock and Roll Experience you definitely don't want to miss.
Game features

* Play guitar, drums, or sing on 4 difficulty settings.
* Get your groove on with an all new Bass career.
* Play co-operatively online including full careers.
* Get your friends together and create a 2-,3-, or 4- person band


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Utgivelsesdato: 2009-09-30  Forventet leveringstid: 2-5 arbeidsdager 
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