A Boy and His Blob 3D (Nintendo 3DS)

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Based on the original NES game, The Boy and His Blob return in a new and improved 3D game. The boy must use the abilities of his blob-friend to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and explore levels. By feeding his blob different flavors of jellybeans, it can turn into any one of a number of useful items to help him throughout the game.

Feed Blobert over 15 different colored jellybeans and have him transform into different devices and enhancements like a ladder, trampoline, bomb, blowtorch and even a suit of armor for the boy.
More than 15 different levels to tackle, packed with puzzles to solve and enemies to knock senseless
Nintendo DS touch screen features to include jelly bean management and overhead map
Customize your blob between levels at the candy shop to control you inventory of jellybeans and decide what beans you'll need for Blobert in the next level.
Practice within the tutorial mode by making your blob jump through hoops and negotiate various obstacles.

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