Leopard and Fat-Tailed Geckos


Leopard and Fat-Tailed Geckos (Pocket)
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R. D. and Patricia Bartlett - widely respected experts on reptiles and amphibians - instruct readers on the animals' anatomies and life cycles, traits, care, and breeding. This updated edition of "Leopard and Fat-Tailed Geckos" from the "Reptile and Amphibian Keeper's Guides" present hobbyists and students of reptiles with vital information and checklists, plus a wealth of informative color photos. The book also lists herpetological societies and special interest groups that readers will find helpful as sources of further information.
Forlag: Barron's Educational Series Inc.,U.S.  Kategori: Övriga husdjur 
Forventet leveringstid: 3-8 arbeidsdager  Innbinding: Pocket 
ISBN: 9780764140952  Antall sider: 46 
Språk: Engelsk     
Tittel: Leopard and Fat-Tailed Geckos  Forfatter: R. D. Bartlett, Patricia P. Bartlett  
Utgivelsesdato: 2009-04-01  Serie: Reptile and Amphibian Keeper's Guides 
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