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World of Ardania Bundle

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  • Strategy, Simulator
  • PC Download
Experience the vibrant World of Ardania and control its fate and fortunes in this bundle of six games! From the tactical towers of Defenders of Ardania to the strategical Hextacy of Warlock II, this bundle lets you dive right into the Magic!

  • Warlock I – Master of the Arcane Admired for it's simplicity, Warlock: Master of Arcane is just that 4X Turn-Based type of game that keeps you hooked for hours and hours.
  • Warlock II – The Exiled Warlock 2 is a turn-based strategy game of fantasy warfare. Rival against Great Mages, lead mighty armies into fierce battles, wield ancient magic and faith as your weapons.
  • Defenders of Ardania A next-generation tower defense game set in the rich fantasy world of Ardania, but with a twist!
  • Majesty – Gold HD Edition Majesty is a Real-time strategy game with indirect control – your heroes have a will of their own!
  • Majesty 2 Collection Sequel to Majesty, more of everything that made Majesty the best Fantasy Kingdom Simulator the world has ever seen!
  • Impire Take control the of demon Báal-Abaddon as he attempts to rebuild his mighty hell spawn form and recreate his Impire!
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