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Yell40 Years (4CD)

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  • Yello
  • Pop & Rock, Best of the best
  • CD

Disc 1

  • Bimbo (Solid Pleasure)
  • Pinball Cha Cha (Claro Que Si)
  • The Evening's Young (Claro Que Si)
  • Bananas to the Beat (Solid Pleasure)
  • I Love You (1980-85 the New Mix in One Go)
  • Lost Again (You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess)
  • Bostich (N'est-ce Pas?) (1980-85 the New Mix in One Go)
  • Daily Disco (Claro Que Si)
  • Vicious Games (Stella)
  • Oh Yeah (Stella)
  • Blender (Baby)
  • Goldrush (One Second)
  • Tied Up (Essential Yello)
  • La Habanera (One Second)
  • Rubberbandman (Baby)
  • Jungle Bill (Baby)
  • Night Train (Zebra)
  • Tremendous Pain (Zebra)
  • Houdini (Motion Pictures)
  • Base for Alec (You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess)
  • Liquid Lies (Yello by Yello)

Disc 2

  • Electrified II (Toy)
  • Soul on Ice (The Eye)
  • Don Turbulente (The Eye)
  • Planet Dada (The Eye)
  • 30.000 Days (Toy)
  • Arthur Spark (Point)
  • The Vanishing of Peter Strong (Point)
  • Distant Solution (The Eye)
  • Mean Monday (Yello Book Download 2011)
  • Cold Flame (Toy)
  • Dialectical Kid (Toy)
  • The Expert (Touch Yello)
  • Basic Avenue (Point)
  • Waba Duba (Point)
  • Limbo (Toy)
  • Spinning My Mind (Point)
  • Tiger Dust (The Eye)
  • Way Down (Point)
  • Hot Pan (Point)
  • The Race (Live in Berlin 2016)

Disc 3

  • Solar Driftwood (Pocket Universe)
  • Out of Dawn (Touch Yello)
  • Stay (Ft. Heidi Happy) (Touch Yello)
  • Drive Driven (Baby)
  • Time Palace (The Eye)
  • Tangier Blue (Touch Yello)
  • Friday Smile (Touch Yello)
  • Till Tomorrow (Ft. Till Bronner) (Touch Yello)
  • Moon on Ice (One Second)
  • Kiss the Cloud (Ft. Fifi Rong) (Toy)
  • Capri Calling (Baby)
  • Desire (Stella)
  • You Better Hide (Ft. Heidi Happy) (Touch Yello)
  • The Rhythm Divine (Ft. Shirley Bassey) (One Second)
  • Starlight Scene (Toy)
  • Otto Di Catania (Flag)
  • Meet My Angel (Ft. Fifi Rong) (Point Bonus Track)
  • Pacific Am (Toy)

Disc 4

  • Do It (Marky P. & Teri B. Dub)
  • Limbo (Circle Sky Mix / Martin Dubka & Richard Norris)
  • Electrified (Carl Craig Mix)
  • How How (Fluke - Papa-who-ma-mix)
  • Bostich (DJ Hell - Brighter Mix)
  • Squeeze Please (Oliver Moldan - Vocal Remix)
  • Oh Yeah (Ralph Rosario - Big Room Vocal Mix)
  • More (Rockabilly Mix - Boris Blank)
  • Vicious Games (Mark Reeder's Wet & Hard Mix)
  • Takla Makan (Martin Roth Mix)
  • Planet Dada (Northern Light Mix)
  • Topaz (Insect Mix - Boris Blank)
Universal Mu
Pop & Rock
Best of the best


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