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The Studio Collection: Vol. II - Limited Edition (5LP)

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The Studio Collection: Vol. II - Limited Edition (5LP)

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Vinyl LP

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  • Pop & Rock, Boxar, Eksklusive musikkbokser
  • Vinyl LP

Disc 1

  • Walsingham
  • Can She Excuse My Wrongs?
  • ''Right Honorable: as I have bin most bound unto your honor...''
  • Flow, my tears (Lachrimae)
  • Have you seen the bright lily grow
  • ''...Then in time passing on Mr. Johnson died...''
  • The Most High and Mighty Christianus the Fourth, King of Denmark, His Galliard
  • The lowest trees have tops
  • ''... And according as I desired ther cam a letter...''
  • Fine knacks for ladies
  • ''...From thenc I went to Landgrave of Hessen...''
  • Fantasy
  • Come, heavy sleep
  • Forlorn Hope Fancy
  • ''...And from thence I had great desire to see Italy...''
  • Come again
  • Wilt thou unkind thus reave me
  • ''...After my departures I caled to mynde our conference...''
  • Weep you no more, sad fountain
  • My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home
  • Clear or Cloudy
  • '' say that the Kinge of Spain is making gret preparation...''
  • In darkness let me dwell

Disc 2

  • Gabriel's Message
  • Soul Cake
  • There Is No Rose of Such Virtue
  • The Snow it Melts the Soonest
  • Christmas at Sea
  • Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming
  • Cold Song
  • The Burning Babe
  • Now Winter Comes Slowly
  • The Hounds Of Winter
  • Balulalow
  • Cherry Tree Carol
  • Lullaby To An Anxious Child
  • Hurdy Gurdy Man
  • You Only Cross My Mind in Winter

Disc 3

  • Next To You
  • Englishman In New York
  • Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
  • I Hung My Head
  • You Will Be My Ain True Love
  • Roxanne

Disc 4

  • When We Dance
  • End Of The Game
  • I Burn For You
  • We Work The Black Seam
  • The's Too Good For Me
  • The Pirate's Bride

Disc 5

  • I Can't Stop Thinking About You
  • 50,000
  • Down, Down, Down
  • One Fine Day
  • Pretty Young Soldier
  • Petrol Head
  • Heading South On The Great North Road
  • If You Can't Love Me
  • Inshallah
  • The Empty Chair
Box Set includes four albums divide on five vinyls:
  • Songs From The Labyrinth
  • If On A Winters Night
  • Symphonicities (2LP)
  • 57th & 9th
Pop & Rock
Eksklusive musikkbokser
Vinyl LP


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