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Braun Trimmer
Braun Trimmer
Braun Trimmer

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Braun Trimmer

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199 kr


246 kr
Presisjon trimmer formål: Skjegg, Bart, Minimum hårlengde: 5 mm. Maksimal hårlengde: 8 mm. Produktfarge: Svart.

Presisjon trimmer formål: Skjegg, Bart,

Minimum hårlengde: 5 mm.

Maksimal hårlengde: 8 mm.

Produktfarge: Svart.


Formål presisjonstrimmer Skjegg, Bart
Wet & Dry Nei
Number of length steps 3
Minimum hårlengde 5 mm
Maksimal hårlengde 8 mm
Vanntett Ja


Produktfarge Sort
Knivblad, materiale Rustfritt stål
Trådløs Ja
Vaskbar Ja


Strømkilde Batteri
Batteritype AAA
Antall støttede batterier 1
Driftstid 120 min


Innerpakkens mengde 6 stykker

Vekt og dimensjoner

Vekt 100 g
Pakkebredde 70 mm
Pakkedybde 45 mm
Pakkehøyde 170 mm
Pakkevekt 130 g
Pakketype Box


Antall kammer 3
Batterier medfølger Ja
Antall batterier inkludert 1 stykker

Logistikk data

Antall per pakke 1 stykker
Masterkassens (ytterkassens) bredde 165 mm
Masterkassens (ytterkassens) lengde 309 mm
Masterkassens (ytterkassens) høyde 210 mm
Masterkassens (ytterkassens) bruttovekt 2 kg
Produkter per masterkasse (ytterkasse) 12 stykker
Produkter per (indre) fraktkasse 2 stykker


EAN 4210201132370


For 4 måneder siden

I bought this a few months ago and found it to be very good at trimming in straight lines. However i didn't find this good a longer hairs, it would pull hairs on my face rather than cut/trim them. After using this for a while i would recommend this but only if its for trimming fine facial hair and making minor styling. If you want something to help maintain and restyle your facial hair i would recommend another product.



For et år siden

My husband received this as a gift from a friend and he’s well happy with it. He says it’s easy to use and will be easy to store away in his holiday toiletry bag once w3 start going away on holidays again

Ja, jeg anbefaler denne varen



For 5 år siden

It quit on me the second time I used it. The motor still runs but the blade doesn't move. It's so fragile. I read reviews before buying and thought it couldn't be that bad. Now I know it's really that bad.



For 5 år siden

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] this product is really nice.. love it highly recommended to everyone

Ja, jeg anbefaler denne varen



For 6 år siden

This trimmer never cuts through the hairs; it grabs them and pulls (very painful!). I spent 50 minutes trying different techniques to get it to trim but to no avail. It will not trim my facial hair at all, not a single strand. The blades appear to stop oscillating when they make contact with hair. Incredibly frustrating device.