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Yamaha Supercross (Nintendo Wii)

Yamaha Supercross  (Nintendo Wii)
  • Innholdet i spill som har fått denne aldersmerkingen antas å passe alle aldersgrupper. En del vold i en komisk kontekst (den type tegneserievold som man finner i Snurre Sprett Tom & Jerry) er akseptabelt. Barnet bør ikke kunne forbinde figuren på skjermen med figurer i virkeligheten, de bør helt og holdent være fantasifigurer. Spillet bør ikke inneholde noen lyder eller bilder som kan skremme småbarn.Stygt språk bør ikke forekomme, og det bør heller ikke forekomme scener som inneholder nakenhet eller som på annen måte henspiller på seksuell aktivitet.


115 kr
Ord. pris 129 kr

Leveringstid:  2-5 arbeidsdager

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Fraktklasse A

Play as the promising younger brother of one of the biggest names in Supercross who was hospitalised in the final race of the World Championships in an intentional move by Team Nemeshisu - the toughest and dirtiest team in the world of Supercross.

Players must take their brother's place at team Yamaha and, with their brother's help, work up through the ranks, to finally become World Champion and avenge his foes. Aimed at real racing fans and people who play racing games such as Motorstorm, Yamaha Supercross is easy to play but offers a depth and experience that is challenging and rewarding.

  • Yamaha license will be recognised by fans of Supercross and bikes in general.
  • Championship Mode lets players take on three distinct Championship Series. Each championship is longer and more harder than the last with more complex tracks and better opponents with skilled mechanics.
  • Players can choose their challenge with the Arcade Mode. Gamers select their bike, track, weather conditions and the number of opponents they want to take on.
  • Ghost Mode allows players to practice against the best lap time to shave valuable seconds off their personal bests.
  • Realistic tracks feature obstacles such as jumps, whoops and rhythm sections.
  • Strong visual effects such as rain, dust, mud, exhaust smoke, lights and splashes add to the immersive feel of the game.
  • Variable weather conditions will effect the handling and performance of the bikes.
  • A host of rewards such as new tracks, bikes and decals are unlocked as players work their way through the game. The amazing Super Bike is obtained when players collect all of the sponsor's logos.
  • Advanced collision physics vary upon the severity of the crash and what kind of object the player has hit.
  • Variety of camera angles including: Follow Cam, Look Behind, Fly-Through, Jump and Replay Cam.
Kategori: Racing  Utvidelsespakke: Nei  
Utgivelsesdato: 2010-10-08  Leveringstid: 2-5 arbeidsdager 
Product number: 3010498801  Leverandør: To Be Announced 


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