Det lille huset på prærien - Sesong 7 (6 disc)

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Det lille huset på prærien - Sesong 7 (6 disc)  (DVD)
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 NOTE. Because of incorrect delivery some of the covers could to be Danish. The content, however, is the same.

Best known for its life-affirming lessons and heartwarming adventures, "Little House on the Prairie" made its TV debut in 1974 and significantly altered the landscape of television. Loyal fans will relive these exciting and touching adventures, while new viewers will discover the Ingalls' unconquerable courage to build a new way of life. The series, nominated for 17 Emmy® Awards and 3 Golden Globes®, has become a TV milestone. The Complete Seventh Season - 1980-1981 The season starts with Laura and Almanzo's much-anticipated wedding. The Garveys move to Sleepy Eye to run a business - Laura suspects Almanzo of having an affair with her friend - Almanzo and Mr. Ingalls expand their business to Sleepy Eye - Adam's sight returns. He and Mary move back to Walnut Grove and set up a law practice- Mrs. Oleson leads the women in favour of a referendum concerning fair property rights for married women - Mr. Percival and Mrs. Oleson disagree very strongly on the subject of their grandchild's upbringing - Mrs. Oleson takes over as teacher after Laura quits - Albert falls in love with Sylvia and faces many difficult challenges - Cassandra and James become orphans after their parents are killed in an accident. Charles considers making them part of his family. These and many other exciting adventures from the entire Seventh season are presented in this Special Collector's Edition!

Lydformat: Stereo  Bildeformat: 4:3 (1.33:1) 
Språk: Engelsk  Spilletid (min): 1023 
Tekst: Dansk, Finsk, Norsk, Svensk  Forventet leveringstid: 2-5 arbeidsdager 
Kategori: Drama, TV-serie, Universal  Utgivelsesdato: 2011-07-13 
Originaltittel: Little House on the Prairie - Season 7 (6 disc)  Region: 2 (Europa) 
Regissør: Michael Landon   Alder: 7 år 
Produksjonsår: 1980-1981     
Medvirkende: Cal Bellini, Karen Grassle, Lindsay Greenbush, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, Michael Landon, Sidney Greenbush, Victor French, Sam Vlahos   Ekstramateriale:  
Antall anmeldelser: 1 Gjennomsnittsvurdering: 5

Det lille huset på prærien.. Terningkast 6


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