The Anti-inflammation Zone


The Anti-inflammation Zone (Pocket)
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We hear constantly in the media that it's unhealthy to be overweight. But, really, why? Neither the medical profession, the media, nor the general public understand the major force behind the development of heart disease, cancer, and dementia. The underlying factor that connects these (and many other) conditions is years of silent inflammatory insult to the heart, the immune system, and the brain. And a primary cause of this silent inflammation is obesity. Our current epidemic of obesity is simply the beginning of the ever more serious health problems that will soon be coming to our society. "The Anti-Inflammation Diet" takes the current obsession over weight loss out of the hands of diet gurus and into a national medical examination of the future of health in this country. If excess body fat accelerates the inflammatory response, and this inflammatory response is a major cause of most dreaded diseases, what is the solution? The Zone dietary plan, including the omega-3 fatty acids in pharmaceutical-grade fish oil. Because it's not just about losing weight - it's about hormonal control. This long-term strategy works to control the hormones that in turn control inflammation."The Anti-Inflammation Diet" provides convincing evidence that shows the deleterious effects of long-term inflammation - and specific plans to combat it. Whatever your health concern, you'll learn that we are only now beginning to understand the mechanisms that make us sick. And most important, you'll have a clear blueprint toward health that starts with the Zone.
Forlag: William Morrow Paperbacks  Kategori: Medisin, Mosjon & Helse, Kost & Diett, Personlig utvikling 
Forventet leveringstid: 3-8 arbeidsdager  Innbinding: Pocket 
ISBN: 9780060834142  Antall sider: 403 
Språk: Engelsk     
Tittel: The Anti-inflammation Zone  Forfatter: Barry Sears  
Utgivelsesdato: 2006-01-01  Serie:  
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